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Jail Ministry

Jail Ministry

Jail Ministry

Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.
— Luke 15:6
Deana gives an update from a recent series of Bible Study at the Skagit County Community Justice Center
Executive Director Mike Neelley shares an update in encountering forgiveness and blessing at the Skagit County Community Justice Center

Most jail inmates view God as a judge or prosecutor, ready to convict and damn them forever. Tierra Nueva’s Skagit County Jail Ministry seeks out prisoners who feel rejected, condemned and forgotten. We consider them lost treasures, and our aim is to incorporate them into a community of faith. Through open discussion of scripture and healing prayer, many inmates are discovering a God who is eager to liberate, heal, love, and restore them. 

Men's jail ministry

Each week on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons, Tierra Nueva staff lead Bible Studies in the jail, unveiling the Good News that Scripture has for the most marginalized.

Women's jail ministry

On Sundays, Tierra Nueva staff and volunteers lead Bible Studies and minister to women in the jail. We also meet with inmates one on one, accompany them to court, write to them in prison, and follow up with them upon release.

Washington State Reformatory

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month, Tierra Nueva staff minister to Spanish speaking inmates in Washington State Reformatory, Monroe, WA. 

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Listen in on our jail ministry staff meeting—we share testimonies of the transformation and sorrow that we encounter in our chaplaincy work.