Tierra Nueva


Tierra Nueva is a Christian Ministry in Burlington, Washington.

We share the good news of liberation, healing, and transformation in Jesus Christ with God’s people on the margins: those affected by immigration, incarceration, and addiction. 

We are a Christian ministry in the Pacific Northwest. Our first Core Value is hosting the presence of God, allowing us to be empowered for ministry in places of great darkness and need. Our community is made of refugees from incarceration, addiction, immigration, trauma, and despair—lost but now found, set free, and made new in Jesus Christ.

If our people don't have a safe, stable place to land, the chances of moving forward successfully are very slim. Some people have family or friends, but in many cases they have burned those bridges…
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Tierra Nueva is now partnering with Fidalgo Coffee Roasters to offer the new brand “Tierra Nueva Farm Coffee.”

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