Underground Coffee

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death
And broke their bands apart.
— Psalm 107:14

Roasted by Ex-Offenders for Underground Change

The Underground Coffee operation has been taken over by local Fidalgo Coffee.

Visit our own website: UNDERGROUND.COFFEE

A complex cup of coffee starts underground.

That is, in the soil. These beans are grown in the cool Honduran mountains by the Tierra Nueva founding farmers. The village-to-village movement has been about restoring the land and getting at the roots of poverty and violence in Central America for over thirty years.

This soil conservation project then partners with Tierra Nueva's ongoing work in Washington's Skagit Valley: accompanying men leaving America's "underground" of crime, jail, prison, addiction, debt, and living in the shadows. Together we find a community of belonging, compassion, and we put our hands to new work.

Some of these recovering ex-offenders are now small-batch, artisan coffee roasters.

Through our shared work, we are together undergoing a heart transformation much like the coffee beans spilling out of the roasting drum: first hard as rocks, then warmed, doubling in size, cracked open, shedding their old layers, and discovering our own unique character and complexity.

These men are emerging from the shadows of the underground economy with partial employment support, dignity, and community.

We are a vertically-integrated nonprofit coffee enterprise, seeking healing and empowerment from seed to soil to roast to cup.