Tierra Nueva Honduras

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Tierra Nueva Honduras is committed to building thriving households of faith and churches in rural Honduras.  Our focus is reaching the unreached, those excluded from the church.  Currently there are over 40 people meeting in the village of Mal Paso, a small town that has been traumatized by murders that reflect the general lawlessness in Honduras at this time.  Minas de Oro is the base of operations for Tierra Nueva and gathering place for some 70+ people for worship and teaching.  Here are the needs:

Currently we are raising money for the following projects:

1)      $850.00 per month for Tierra Nueva Honduras’ operating expenses

2)      $25,000.00 to complete Tierra Nueva’s training center in Minas de Oro

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A partner ministry of Tierra Nueva in Skagit County,  Tierra Nueva in Honduras continues the work that Bob and Gracie Ekblad started in the 1980s. For six years they taught sustainable farming and preventive healthcare and led Bible studies among peasants in Minas de Oro, Honduras. During that time they made the life-changing discovery that people—regardless of income, age, or social class—need each other and God on a deeper level for transformation to occur. For more history of Tierra Nueva Honduras, please CLICK HERE

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