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The People's Seminary

The People’s Seminary

The People’s Seminary

God is most fully revealed in Jesus’ descent from a position of power and privilege to one of service and solidarity with the poor and excluded of his day.
— Bob Ekblad

An important part of Tierra Nueva’s mission is to equip workers to take the good news of the gospel to their excluded brothers and sisters. The People’s Seminary is a learning center for scripture study and theology, rooted in active ministry in solidarity with people on the margins.

People marginalized due to race, social class, language, lifestyle, or legal status often reach the conclusion that God is against them and that they are not welcome in the Church. And mainstream church members find few opportunities to encounter people at the margins. Bridging that chasm not only elevates those on the outside, but it can also transform those inside the Church.

God meets us in our encounters with the vulnerable and the weak: inmates, immigrants, and other outsiders. Theological education that connects people from the mainstream with people on the margins reveals a gospel that is active and powerful, enabling both groups to discover their vocation and serve together as Christ's body in the world.

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