Our Core Values

Hosting God’s Presence is our highest value. We receive God’s love and are immersed in the Holy Spirit when we pray, worship, contemplate Jesus, meditate on Scripture, and minister to each other. When we love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength we experience peace, joy, and revelation and are empowered for ministry in places of great darkness and need.

Connecting people with Jesus: Hearing good news and receiving God’s love inspires us to help others meet Jesus. Through dialogical bible study, walking with people in their troubles, advocating for them before the powers, and ministering healing, deliverance, and prayer, our hope is that others will experience God’s transforming love.

Reading Scripture with Jesus reflects our commitment to finding Good News in Scripture through prayerful study and dialogical interaction with the poor, each other, and the Saints that precede and surround us. As the Father focused the disciples’ attention on the transfigured Jesus—over Moses (Torah) and Elijah (Prophets) —so we seek direction from the resurrected Jesus, who on the Emmaus Road showed from Moses and the prophets his way of combating evil through the redemptive suffering of his cross. We welcome the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sends to help us interpret and live the Scriptures daily.

We seek to walk in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for the full ministry of Jesus as seen in the gospels. Jesus was fully surrendered to the Father and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. He said that if we believe in Him we will do the same and greater works than He did. We seek to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit in order to do the works that Jesus did. Apart from Him we can do nothing.

Empowering disciples of Jesus: We emphasize our longing to see people from the margins (inmates, gang members, addicts, migrant workers) and mainstream raised up as leaders. We love that Jesus is a friend of sinners who calls fishermen, tax-collectors, and zealots from backwater Galilee. We seek to be a community where people are discerning their calling, clarifying their gifts, and joining a movement that announces and makes visible the Kingdom of God.

Bridging divergent worlds: We strategically bring together people and movements that are separated, on behalf of society’s least. We seek to connect the margins with the mainstream, the poor with the privileged, the social justice and pacifist Christians with the charismatic and evangelical body of Christ, the streets with the academy, sustainable farming efforts with inner-city ministry. We believe it takes a whole body of Christ to see breakthrough at the most extreme places. We are committed to experiencing mutual liberation and transformation with the oppressed and we have lots to learn from people in every camp. We long to see God’s family reconciled, receiving from each other through respectful listening, hospitality, community—-but first and foremost through receiving God’s Spirit that adopts us by Grace into Christ’s body.

We invite you to journey with us as we seek and find the Gospel that has the power to save, heal, liberate, deliver, and bring total transformation. Join us so we can see together the signs of God's kingdom: faith found or renewed, strangers welcomed, addicts recovered, prisoners released, the sick and broken healed, ordinary people empowered for ministry.

Read about our ministries. Come to our events. Worship with us. You are welcome at this banquet table!