“Why Don’t They Just Quit?” -- A lecture on the problem of addiction.

At Bethany Covenant Church Mount Vernon (Corners of 18th and Division)

Most of us are tired of seeing people we love fall back into destructive behaviors over and over again. Addiction is arguably the biggest problem in our community and it affects most of us in deeply personal ways.  In our own lives, we long for victory over this mysterious power and in our churches we strive to provide a grace-filled atmosphere, but lack the know-how to really help others achieve lasting change. This seminar explores the roots of destructive patterns that keep others—and ourselves—trapped in cycles of bondage (the “why I do what I hate” of Romans 7).

About The Presenters

Alan and Amy Muia are the Co-Directors of New Earth Recovery at Tierra Nueva, and serve as chaplains in the Skagit County Jail.  Their experience in accompaniment, inner healing, conflict resolution, education, and pastoring led to the creation of a successful women’s residential recovery program (Faith House).  They will soon open a second house for men in the Skagit Valley while leading a growing ministry in churches who aim to become safe places for men and women in addiction and recovery (all of us).