New Earth Recovery 

Our mission is to love, strengthen, and accompany those in recovery from addiction through new community, faith-based support groups, advocacy, and pastoral care.

Programs for women

Faith House offers safe, high-accountability and substance-free housing for women who want to maintain their sobriety and find healing from the wounds that have contributed to cycles of addiction.  For Faith House application information, call 360-848-9281. Inquiries are kept confidential.

Tierra Nueva also hosts a women's open candlelight meeting of Cocaine Anonymous Thursdays at 7:00 pm at 701 E Fairhaven, Burlington, Washington.

Programs for men

The Trust is a residential recovery program and bio-intensive farm for men. We are a community of men going deeper into recovery and healing, cultivating organic produce and new relationships, and growing in their trust in God.

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Contact Us: call 360-848-9281 or e-mail  (Inquiries are kept confidential)