Setting the Oppressed Free: Fall 2018 Newsletter

Our Fall 2018 Newsletter is titled Setting the Oppressed Free. Our staff compiled stories, exercises, and explorations on the many ways we celebrate liberation at the margins.

This episode is the one-stop for all five audio companions that we published along with the print newsletter. It includes Julio from Family Support Center, Pastoral Advocates Danielle and Kevin Riley, Executive Director Mike Neelley, and Underground Writing Director Matt Malyon.

Family Support Center: A Conversation with Julio & Jim

The Family Support Center is one of the main ministries at Tierra Nueva. We receive all kinds of people and offer prayer, warmth, hot coffee, advocacy, and basic supplies. In doing this, we hear incredible stories—stories that span 20-30 years of chaos in the Skagit Valley. The subject of this episode is Jim, one of our FSC participants and a regular member at Morning Gospels and Evening Psalms at our building.

In this episode, accompanying the piece in Tierra Nueva’s Fall 2018 newsletter, our Doorkeeper and FSC staff Pastor Julio speaks with Jim. 

Danielle Riley: Seeking Justice in the Justice System

Danielle Riley is the lead Women’s Pastoral Advocate at Tierra Nueva. She also heads up the women’s jail ministry, leading Bible studies at the Skagit County Community Justice Center, and directs Children’s Ministry for our Sunday Services. 

In her piece from Tierra Nueva’s Fall 2018 newsletter, she explores justice, liberation, and transformation to an individual in the context of systemic oppression and dysfunction. 

For privacy, we changed the name and some details of the person she’s talking about. 

After she reads her piece, she answers a few questions that I thought of while recording.

Kevin Riley: Sin is Easy / God is Hard

Kevin Riley is a Pastoral Advocate here at Tierra Nueva. He’s also the pastor at Mount Baker Presbyterian Church out in Concrete. He’s working with the local municipality, organizations like Community Action, and area ministries to better serve the people on the margins. 

His piece in Tierra Nueva’s Fall 2018 newsletter is adapted from his sermon on the the morning of his commissioning. This podcast is the full recording of that sermon.

Mike Neelley: Forgiveness Sets the Captives Free

Mike Neelley is the Executive Director of Tierra Nueva. He’s here reading his piece about forgiveness in Tierra Nueva’s Fall 2018 newsletter. In our context as a ministry for God’s people on the margins, we often find ourselves in overlapping territories with the justice system, addiction, poverty, immigration, trauma, abuse, etc.

After Mike reads his piece, he and Alvin discuss some larger mechanics of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Matt Malyon: The Enjambed Captive

Matt Malyon is a chaplain at Tierra Nueva, visiting men’s jail and juvenile detention. He’s also the director of Underground Writing, which began at Tierra Nueva and will soon launch as an independent arts non-profit. In his contribution to Tierra Nueva’s Fall 2018 newsletter, he talks about the possibility of breaking free and how he sees that happening in the at-risk communities where Underground Writing operates.