Gang Ministry

Our mission among gang youth is to make disciples of Jesus. Gangs know something about discipleship, recruiting the lost in our valley and even risking their lives to represent an alternative kingdom.  But there is a hurting, lost, fatherless generation beneath it all. We call these men into Jesus’ gang, pursuing them in the darkest moments of their lives, bringing them into an experience of the One who Jesus called Father. 

Behind bars 

Guys who have strong families don’t join gangs—so we become their family. We visit offenders when they are behind bars, and we write to them as long as they are in prison.

On the streets

We follow inmates after they are released, when many scatter “like sheep without a shepherd.” We invite some to live in Tierra Nueva’s Gang Adoption Apartment, where they learn how to father their children and to become children of their Father. Some are now fellow gang outreach workers with our staff--returning to juvenile hall and their old networks to share God's love.

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